onsdag 27 april 2016

Knowing where you're heading

For a long time, for the longest time I have been struggling, internally. I have not understood what it is until now, a few years later. Somehow I have been developing, like when a child goes through the "terrible two's", well yes kind of like that. I read an article somewhere that you go through these developmental phases throughout your whole life, and that is what some people refer to as the different "crisis stages". For some years now, I felt like I was stuck with my feet in concrete and couldn't move. I will write about my lowest point sometime, however I think it will be when I have gotten more distance to it and can also add what I did to get out of it.

As they say, after rain comes sun (actually... who says that?), and in March and April, the weather inside my mind started to clear up a bit, and I suddenly had answers to some of the questions I was asking myself years before. The feeling of realizing that the answers lie within myself is wonderful, now one should trust oneself way more! Following some Buddhist mantras and meditations has definitely helped me to listen to my inner voice more. You could say now, that I listen to my gut feeling more than ever.

This post is a bit foggy, and I think it reflects in me not being out of the fog quite yet. But the good thing is that the sun shines through that fog, and I am so excited to use this platform as a place for hope, motivation and full sensory experience! I can't wait to develop this blog further.

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