onsdag 23 april 2014


Oh yeah. Allergy season is on! I've been trying to browse the web to find some home remedies to help ease the symptoms since I am a big fan of what comes from mother earth. To my disappointment, binge-eating honey is just a myth and doesn't work (oh noo, I love honey). A quite interesting suggestion I found on eHow.com: "An alternative and more homegrown way to try this same approach is to drink a daily cup of pure sap from a birch tree, if you happen to have access to one. Surprisingly, this usually does not trigger an allergic reaction." I actually know somebody who uses birch tree sap as an alternative medicine which has been slowing down his symptoms (surely to another 'disease', but still).

A motivation picture for spring taken in Lyon 2011. The beauty of having to sneeze is that everything is in bloom.

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