tisdag 5 november 2013

Winter is coming...

View from my window

My thoughts this November night go to lots of things. As always, my seminar course in Positive Psychology stirs up a lot of questions and emotions in me, today we discussed the terms 'openness' and 'wisdom', how become more open and what wisdom really means. I always see connections between everything we talk about and recognize events from my own life in what we talk about, however most of the time I can't get this out in form of words. My final project in this course will connect well-being with mindfulness, and I'm looking forward to this very much.

A second factor that occupies my mind is how much I miss my most beloved people, and how I need lots of money and time to meet them all.

My heart beats more intensely for every week, for it is longing for this wonderful person that probably is one of the kindest people I know on this planet.

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