lördag 12 december 2015

Lunar halo

This photo was taken one night in my beloved Lapland, when my greatest wish was to capture pictures of the northern lights. I thought I saw something green flicker in the sky from the window of my grandparents' house. I ran downstairs, threw warm clothes on my body (literally), and grabbed the kick sled, and rushed towards my childhood hill, where there are less streetlights. There I stood in the middle of the night, under the vast and starlit sky for an hour, feeling really small. It's incredible how small one can feel. And the silence. I have always enjoyed silence, but this was on another level. It was like "I could hear the sounds of the universe silence", and there was only me. I have never felt that lonely in my life, but somehow I quite enjoyed it. During this hour, I snapped some photo's to practice for the eventual green snake to appear in the sky. Then I noticed, whilst I was so busy looking for green signs in the sky, I had missed the awe(!!)some phenomenon occurring right in front of my nose: some kind of lunar rainbow halo! After this shot I decided to sled back home. My fingers and toes were freezing cold from standing still, and this feeling of disappointment spread in my body. I had waited the whole week for northern lights, why wouldn't they show up tonight? The report I had read earlier said that the chance was extra high today. When I passed the outdoors ice rink where I learned to ice skate as a child, I saw something in the corner of my eye. Could it be...?

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