onsdag 25 juni 2014


This is not a fashion blog. Instead, I will turn this image of my newly bought platform heels into something else. Of course I bought them because they had been in my dreams for ever, and suddenly there they were, in a shop, just waiting for me to try them on. They were a delight to walk in, I never wear high heels, and these certainly don't feel like such. It feels like they could be a part of my foot (eh, wierd?). When I got home, I opened the shoe box and this wonderful smell of new leather hit my nose. I must admit that I sat there on my floor enjoying this scent for a while (come on, admit that you would have done that too). That whole evening I walked around in the house with my platforms on, like that was a normal thing to do. Having studied culture and consumption studies, I always analyze and think about what I and others consume, and why. There is no shame in wanting to have stuff, it is one thing that (some) humans believe will enhance our identities. However, we must not forget that this is not the case, our identities are already there deep inside, material possessions can only work as a projection of your dreams and likes but they can never be us.

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