lördag 12 januari 2013


 have realized that I have lost one part of me that used to be screaming for new adventures; the travel freak. But now it's back, bigger and better than before. I was in a shop yesterday with two friends of mine, one wanted to buy a coat. As she was trying some on, my eyes wandered over the store and it stopped on a round object. It was a globe. Somehow I was so fascinated by this simple thing, I stood there and spinned it over and over again, resting my finger on random spots of the earth. "So many places there are in our world that I haven't seen..." and I realized, I must buy it! There is no option!

The globe that changed my life

I started looking at old pictures, from places I have been to, and moments that have been wonderful...

Wonderful Låktatjåkko

The sun sets over Kibris

Moonlit bonfire in Finland

Charming worn out bike in Mersin

A lonely country road somewhere in Sweden

Secret lagoon in Spain

Hibiscus, the love flower of my life

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