fredag 12 oktober 2012

Spooky day

This was a good but spooky day. Let me tell you about it. The morning was spent in the gym where me and a friend pushed ourselves to the limit - in a good way. Next destination was IKEA and their meatballs, really worth it! After that we went to the mall to find some random stuff we need. Inside of H&M, I get this wierd feeling, like someone is following me! I look back, and 5 meters away from me is a little girl, staring at me with empty eyes (just like in a horror movie). I didn't think so much about it though, but as I continued further in to the shop, the feeling didn't go away. When I looked back, the girl was right next to me, just staring. And each time i turned to walk somewhere else, there she was. It was one of the spookiest moments of my life! We decided to go to another part of the shop, but still I felt her piercing empty eyes stare at me. Nightmares someone?

When I biked home from the mall (without lights on my bike of course - might I add, it was getting dark and it's illegal here to bike without lights), I decided to take a shortcut through a park to make the trip faster. Of course, a huge chestnut falls on my head "AOW"! What goes around comes around? Karma? Wow, I really need tomorrow to come.

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