lördag 28 juli 2012


I'm back to my roots, visiting the ol' folks of my pops. Grandma is like the stereotype, literally feeds you like you haven't been eating for weeks. But I don't mind, if it makes her happy. Today she made pancakes, like the good ol' days and in fact they tasted just the same. She told me about an episode where I was small and I was at their place chillin' until my mom came and picked me up. Grandma made pancakes for me that day, and I told her not to tell mom that I ate pancakes with sugar on a weekday. When my mom finally came to pick me up, I told her "Guess what? I had pancakes and sugar today!". Hmm, too excited to keep it as a secret huh.

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  1. I just love your blog! Found it only now and had to read all the texts through. I was hooked.