fredag 6 juli 2012


First post, how pressuring. The topic must come naturally, so I will start off with something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

Goodness, I am right now obsessing with finding a song that my father's friend made a cover on; it's called "I Love Onions" and it's freakin' wonderful. I heard this cover once in my teen years, and it has been a song that won't escape my brain. They recorded it to cassette in the 60's, and right now, it's somewhere in a moving box in a dark space. I don't even want to post the orignial song, because for me, there is only one version.

On rainy days I always get inspiration and it is exactly a day like that now! I have been planning out a song that I want to record, but there is one problem... I am without recording program. I used to have Cubase. But I would want something more simple than that, where recording and mixing is a quick and simple task. I am not so patient with these things, and I don't like too perfect sound, especially not with acoustic guitar. My inspiration today comes from genres like dancehall, african beats, reggae and balkan. I like these combinations a lot, makes me wanna dance at any time.

Elvana Gjata - Afer Dhe Larg (Albanian Dance)
Alex Mica - Dalinda (Romanian Dance)
José de Rico ft. Henry Mendez - Rayos de Sol (Spanish Reggaeton)
Panetoz - Dansa Pausa (Swedish summer sensation 2012)
Vato Gonzales ft. Foreign Beggars - Badman Riddim (Hiphop, Dubstep GB)
Sanjin & Youthman - For A While (Balkan Dancehall from Sweden)
Jayme Dee - Dear John (Cover of Taylor Swift's song made by singer songwriter Jayme Dee from the States)

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