söndag 15 juli 2012

happy cultural summer

To my delight this summer has been all about music, and during this past week I have seen two remarkable acts.

- The Burning Hell: I went to this concert because of a friend, and I had no expectations what so ever. Melancholic and bitter lyrics is something I am drawn a lot to, but this group has done it better than that, they have mixed in humor in the seriousness. It turned out hillarious and we were laughing so much in our little corner of the venue that the drummer started laughing aswell. It got to the point that the singer, Mathias looked only towards our direction (with a poker face) and sang straight into our bones. One of their songs lyrics was really something I had been thinking about the past year and when he started singing it was like he pulled it out of my brain.

The Burning Hell, photo taken by my friend.

- Sanjin & Youthman and Balkan Beats: S & J are a balkan dancehall group that I recently discovered, and when I saw that they will play here I immediately made plans with friends to go there. They were really good and I was dancing to the rythms of my favourite songs 'Hey Señorita' and 'Pijem Viski'. When they were done, the DJ of the club started mixing balkan hits and this equals a three hour dance session and a rush of happiness.

Sanjin & Youthman

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